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David wanted to create something very special and very unique for his guests. As he was coming up with ideas he suffered many different moods, created by dishes being perfect first time or frustration that ingredients didn't match, in fact, never has so much effort gone into David planning a menu. When he had what he thought was his final menu, he tore it up and said that it was not unique enough, but what was unique was how moods can change so dramatically, this is what he decided to use to create his concept menu.

The menu that you will experience is not only one of balance of flavour but also a representation of the moods that not only David, but other chefs worldwide suffer when striving for the perfect dish, or working in such a stressful environment, making this a completely unique menu for the guest.

This is designed to be more than a meal, it is designed to be a memory and a journey for guests to go on with David through his final creations.

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Concept Menu


served with a glass of
Laurent-Perrier NV champagne

Garden Salad

Scallop & Langoustine


Black Forest


Flavour of Jamaica

We hope to see you soon


Dave and all the No 4 team